All About Millefiori Bracelets

One of the most exquisite of all bracelets is millefiori bracelets. They are simply lovely, with floral patterns and cool, light feel. You can never find a plain millefiori bracelet because they are all specially designed and made to be colorful and eye-catching.

Millefiori bracelets are usually handcrafted out of clay or glass and combined with other different materials to complete the piece. You can get millefiori beads together with steel or aluminum charms to make the bracelet shiny and beautiful. You could also find a millefiori bracelet with seed beads to give it a rustic touch.

These bracelets also come in chain links or stretchable form depending on which type of millefiori bracelet you wish to purchase. A chain linked bracelet often adds class and elegance to the floral patterns, making the shiny metallic parts shimmer in the light and adorn the beads. A stretchable millefiori bracelet, on the other hand, adds fun to your outfit due to its fit on your wrist and the multiple lines of beads.

Millefiori bracelets have beads of all shapes and sizes. Round beads are the most common, although you can surely get squares, diamonds, hearts, stars or flower shapes on your bracelet. A mixture of shapes makes the best millefiori charm bracelets. You could also have custom made shapes for your beads, such as dolphins or your initials shaped and added to your millefiori bracelet.

The colors are as diverse as the shapes of millefiori bracelets. Black, red, pink, turquoise, silver, gold or even rainbow-colored bracelets are available. The patterns on millefiori bracelets are mostly flowers, but you can also get spirals and wavy patterns worked into the charms to create a lovely piece of jewelry.

Millefiori bracelets look especially lovely in the spring and summer, mostly when worn with your average blue jeans and a flattering top. The bracelets can also accessorize a summer dress worn to the beach or for an evening walk, so you can match your outfit with your accessories. The bright, attractive beads lighten your mood, too, due to their colors and designs.

There are also diverse types of finishes used for millefiori bracelets. A beautiful, glittery finish would be perfect for a girly, lively outfit, while a more metallic or stone finish to your bracelet can be worn with an evening gown or with your work clothes to accentuate the whole outfit.

Millefiori bracelets are also ideal as gifts for the young and old alike. Children are especially fond of millefiori bracelets not only because of their colors but also due to their shapes. Stretchable millefiori bracelets are ideal for the young ones. You could also give a millefiori bracelet to a close friend or relative to lighten their mood, to accessorize their outfits or simply as a friendship token. Custom-made bracelets are the best in this case to incorporate your personalities into the gift.

You can buy your millefiori bracelets from a jewelry store or crafts shop in your neighborhood or online. These precious ornaments are very affordable and durable, so do get yourself a millefiori bracelet today.

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