Millefiori Beads Made with Clay: Millefiori Clay Beads

Millefiori clay beads make the most precious and beautiful jewelry mainly due to their diverse colors and designs. You can have round beads, square beads or even tube beads made out of millefiori clay that will last long and still maintain their color.

The main type of clay used to make millefiori clay beads is polymer clay, which is a modern substitute for the glass used to make beads years ago. Polymer clay has made it possible for all people to understand and appreciate the beauty of millefiori clay beads. Many arts and crafts stores now sell polymer clay and give lessons and tutorials on how to make millefiori clay beads for themselves.

What makes millefiori clay beads unique is their different colors available for you. Since polymer clay can be found in every color you can imagine, it is also easier to mix colors up to get new ones, and therefore create millefiori clay beads that are one of their kind.

You can wear your millefiori clay beads as necklaces, earrings or bracelets. You could even have one gorgeous millefiori clay bead as the centerpiece of a ring or charm. The flowered patterns on the beads always liven up your mood as you wear them, and they can accessorize your wardrobe, adding a splash of color to your outfit.

Another idea is to create hair accessories using millefiori clay beads. One way is to use elastic material instead of wire or string to string your beads and use them to tie your hair back in a ponytail. These hair accessories not only look great on kids but they also add a summer touch to your hairdo every time you wear them.

Millefiori clay beads make a fun activity for you and your family to do in your playtime. There are millefiori beading kits that you can buy online or from your local crafts store which give you tools and guidelines on how to create your own millefiori clay beads. The only requirement is that since some of the tools you will need may be sharp, as well as the clay looking very edible with all the candy colors, it is best that you do this activity with children over 8 or 9 years.

You can buy readymade millefiori clay beads from jewelry stores online or in your neighborhood. They are available in sachets which give you the opportunity of making your own bracelets and accessories, or you can purchase the jewelry pieces such as pendants already made for you.

Items made from millefiori clay beads also make excellent gifts. People of all ages are sure to appreciate the color and beauty of the millefiori beads, whether it is for their birthday, anniversary, or even as wedding favors. These are very affordable pieces of jewelry that endear people to them, making them even more ideal as presents.

Since millefiori clay beads are more modern and easily made, they are widely available and at great prices. Get yourself some millefiori clay beads today and enjoy their exquisite designs and flowers.

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