Using Millefiori Pendants in Jewelry

Millefiori pendants are the most exquisite of jewelry made using the millefiori technique. The pendants are made by layering different colored glass canes to create the lovely flower designs that characterize them. Millefiori pendants are by far the most popular types of pendants available today.

Since the creation of millefiori pendants is quite extensive and requires hands-on expertise, some pendants can be quite pricey depending on where they were made and the uniqueness of the floral designs.

There are some pendants that are factory made and try to pass as handmade and genuine millefiori pendants. To avoid buying them, you need to know what you are looking for in your millefiori pendant. The first thing to check is the jeweler that you purchase from. It is best to buy your pendant from a reputable retailer known for their authentic products.

If you opt to buy your millefiori pendants online, look for genuine online jewelry stores. Do check the details given about the product very carefully and avoid any product that is significantly cheaper than the expected price for authentic millefiori pendants. If some information is missing such as whether the pendant is handmade or not, or if the product claims to be handmade but you have your misgivings about it, save your money and look for other sellers.

The best way is to do some research about millefiori pendants, especially about their value and historical origins. There are plenty of books and online resources that talk about millefiori techniques and jewelry, so that you can buy your pendant confidently.

You may be lucky to find millefiori pendants handmade in Italy hundreds of years ago. These antique jewelry pieces can make great decorations for your home and even for your occasional special night out. It is possible, and advisable, to have your pendant valued and insured. Also keep such pieces in great condition, away from scratches and dust.

A more affordable substitute to this is getting your pendant made out of millefiori clay. You can find some very beautiful and long-lasting pendants created right here for you, which will accentuate your look at a lesser price. There are craftsmen and women that use the millefiori glass technique using clay to make beads and pendants of excellent quality.

You can have as many different designs of millefiori pendants as you wish. There are pendants with heart shapes, flowers or stars on them, and you can even get custom made designs with your name or initial incorporated in the pendant’s design. Colors are diverse as well, so you can find anything from blue, red or mustard colors to green and golden hues.

If you wish, you can have a millefiori pendant for every outfit and every occasion. You can get round pendants or heart-shaped and square pendants to enhance your style, and accompany your pendant with millefiori bead accessories such as bracelets or earrings.

As always, millefiori pendants make excellent gifts for your jewelry-loving friends and family members. The diversity of their shapes, colors and designs will help you find the ideal pendant for each individual, so you can hand them amazing gifts to remember.

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