Shapes of Millefiori Beads

Mille is an Italian word meaning ‘a thousand’, fiori means ‘flower’. Thus Millefiori basically means ‘A thousand flowers’

Millefiori beads are made out of multi-colored glass and are of different shapes according to the surface upon which the glass cane is pressed upon.

The technique involves using slices of glass canes to create a mosaic pattern.

The shapes of these beads can widely vary from cylindrical, star, square, coin, oval, heart as well as rectangles. Each of these diverse shapes radiates its own unique characteristics and still stands out as wonderful.  Here follows a brief description of these shapes:


These are multicolored beads that could measure from 10mm 15” with a 1mm hole through each bead. A strand will have a given number of these beads. It requires a creative mind to bring together a mixture of colors that will easily blend with each other.


These are multi-colored flat oval/spherical beads some measuring between 6-14mm with holes ranging from 0.5 to 1mm whilst others may measure approximately 12*16mm with chevron starburst pattern, 1.5-2.5mm hole. Different strands will have varying a varying number of these threads. Some still may be larger measuring approximately 25*18*6mm but with a 1mm hole through.


These are of different colors and measures approximately 1”24mm and are in form of a glass heart pendant which can be worn with a silver chain around the neck. Some hearts rainbow will vary from 8-14mm with holes between 0.5-1mm


Some large round mosaic millefiori beads will measure approximately 25mm with holes ranging between 2-2.5mm.


These will vary from 6 to 20mm and with varying decorations and different holes size

Flat squares

A strand may have between 38 to 40 beads with each flat squares single flower design measuring an approximate 10mm with 1mm holes. They can be used to make earrings amongst other jewellery.

Canes or rods

Murrine rods otherwise known as canes are glass canes with multi-colored patters that are subjected to heat and then smoothened on a desired surface so as to produce a suitable bead.


Some glass star beads will measure approximately 11x11x4mm with flowers, 1-1.5mm hole. 31-39 beads per 16″ strand whilst others will have 30 beads per strand 12mm each with 1mm holes. Holes 1mm and may have pleasing single flower images decorated in glass.


Rectangular beads can be strung together to from a strand. These rectangles will measure between 10-20mm size may vary.

Flattened coins

These will have varying colors and on varying backgrounds to suit various user’ tastes. Each coin can measure between 13-23mm


These will be stranded together through the vertical cross section. Like the rest of millefiori beads, they will have different shades of color that makes them look pleasing to the eye and thus add a touch of beauty to a person wearing the bead.


Having the different shapes of these magnificent beads available makes the buyer have the freedom to choose only that which is pleasing to his/her taste and or preference. Millefiori beads combine creativity with a touch of beauty and magnificence

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